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Installation of Neocora is easy Add New Thread
I have tried to installed the Neocora and it is easy process.
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Posted by : User
Posts  : 1
Member since : 04 Jan 2009
Posted: 09 Feb 2009
RE:Installation of Neocora is easy
Installation of Neocora is a very easy process and I got installed in very few minutes.
Posted by : Joan Ambrosio
Posts  : 1
Member since : 11 Mar 2009
Posted: 11 Mar 2009
RE:Installation of Neocora is easy
Hello, Can you tell me how it saves time for existing Auction sites and IT who mananges script as I want to learn more.
Posted by : Ramesh A
Posts  : 1
Member since : 25 Feb 2009
Posted: 12 Mar 2009
RE: Installation of Neocora is easy
For existing Auction Sites, our experts will help you migrate data from your current site/database. Neocora expert team will give one month FREE support for the new site, configuration and migration of existing data without any data loss or minimal loss of unwanted/unrelated data. Neocora has many more advanced features compared with the other major scripts. You can see the Seller/Buyer Features, Site Admin Features, Advanced features of Neocora here,

For new site setup, we have an advanced web installer to install Neocora Auctions in your server. The installation process includes 9-steps to follow. The installer will guide you to complete these steps and provide you assistance along the way to get your Neocora website up and running. It will auto check the necessary modules for installing Neocora Auctions in your server. Our expert team will provide free setup service if you need help setup your auction site.

Please feel free to post here if you have any questions.

Enjoy our Advanced Auction Features!

Neocora Support Team

Posted by : Mohammed Abdullah
Posts  : 2
Member since : 27 Apr 2011
Posted: 01 May 2011
inquiry and I am interested in your product


- I am interested in your product and I would like to Requsest free trial

- Can  the admin add sub adomin   And defines their authority

- Do your support continues when I bought a  program for any problems that may occur as bugs or Programming errors

- when  i buy your script did you offer the new version without fee 

Note : I Sent several emails to you  ,Your site Does not send emails  ,There is a problem in your site 

Best Regards 

Posted by : Michael Stewart
Posts  : 2
Member since : 22 Mar 2012
Posted: 22 Mar 2012
RE: Installation of Neocora is easy

Hi, I purchased the Neocora script last year. I like the software but now I am being asked to pay $149 to SourceGuardian to keep the web site functioning like it was. They should tell their customers about the need to subscribe to SourceGuardian. I don't know if you need to make payments to SourceGuardian every year or is it a one time fee. I don't even know what SourceGuardian does. Thanks, Michael

Posted by : Michael Stewart
Posts  : 2
Member since : 22 Mar 2012
Posted: 22 Mar 2012
RE: Installation of Neocora is easy

Mohammed, I tried the chat and it didn't work for me. I didn't try the email. My web site is, it uses the Neocora software. Thanks, Michael

Please Click Here if you want to migrate your current auction site to Neocora Auctions. This will include the setup, configuration, existing data transfer and testing.
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