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Favorite Categories Selection  
Sellers can choose their favorite categories and use them while listing item, which makes category selection easier.
Free Community  
Users can share their thoughts about the using Community.
Free Banner Ads Management  
Separate section available for advertisers in for step-up their products.
Multiple Image uploader  
Sellers can upload more number of item photos easily and can exhibit their items
Sellers can exhibit all their items in stores. Stores can be made preferred and featured to increasing its visibility.
Best Offers  
Best Offer feature allows sellers to choose to receive price-based offers from buyers which may be accepted at the discretion of the seller.
Wanted ads like eBay  
Buyers can declare their needed items using Wanted Ads. Seller can respond them with their items.
My Status  
Users can expose their status using status message, which provides the information to other users about their status.
Popular Search  
Popular search in the site will be paraded in My Account section of sellers, which renders the details of buyer searches.
Second chance  
Second chance offer can be rewarded to the second bidder if winner of the item does not pay for the item.
Feedback System  
Sellers and buyers can praise or criticize themselves concerning their trade between them using the feedback system.
Favorite Sellers  
sers can add their favorite sellers in favorite sellers list so that they can keep in track of their favorite seller's items.
Feedback Chart  
Feedback chart expose the quantity of feedbacks for particular user in the form of charts, which exhibits the opinions of other users on particular user.
Page Statistics Overview and Chart  
Page statistics is an option in admin panel for viewing the statistics of users visit particular pages. Graphical representation of the data also available.
Admin User Privileges  
The super admin can control all the sub admin and their activities in the admin panel.
Complete Fee System  
Admin can control the Fee structure used through out the site through Admin panel.
View recent activities in user account  
Users can view the recent activities in their account in My Account section.
SEO friendly keywords & description  
User can provide keywords and description that makes the listings to be search engine friendly.
Buy Now Auctions  
Using Buy Now Option, buyer can buy the item instantly without waiting for the listing to end.
SEO friendly listings  
The SEO friendly listings page helps the items to be exposed soon after the search in search engines.
Vacation setting for stores  
Store owner can set vacation for his store.
Sitemap guides information about every page available in the site.
Advanced Search  
Advanced search options are provided in the site for acquiring accurate results that satisfy the user needs.
Page Meta data Managemet by Admin  
Admin can control the meta tag values of all pages through admin panel.
Site Theme Control from Admin Panel  
Theme of can be controlled by admin from admin panel.
Home Page Customization  
Admin can customize the home page and header of the site using this option. Admin can control the background color of the site.
Classified Ads  
Sellers can post Classified Ads using sell page. The classified ads will have longer listing duration. Buyer can contact seller with their response or message.
Refer A Friend  
The Users of Neocora Auctions can refer their friends and relatives to Neocora Auctions and earn money.
Windows Bulk Lister  
Bulklister allows sellers to upload multiple listings at a time, which is a time saving process.
View Theme  
Theme of listing pages can be selected by the users.
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