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Seller/ Buyer Features - Acquire more about the features of Sellers and Buyers
  1. Favorite Categories Selection
    • Sellers have the opportunity to choose their favorite category and use the chosen category while listing an item. This function makes category selection easier for the seller.
  2. Free Community
    • The community is one of the extraordinary feature of this site. This enables members of the community to exchange thoughts about the benefits and to clear up any concerns with regard to the community and how it benefits its users. Furthermore the users can create threads for discussion and clarification of how the community enables them to be more productive and allows the members to get feedback in real time. Also please note that all commentary posted should not contain any illegal content, malicious intent, such as slander of anyone on the thread. Posting of such unlawful comments is strictly prohibited.
  3. Free Banner Ads Management
    • Banner Ads section allows advertisers to step up their products.
  4. Multiple Image uploader
    • Users can upload multiple images by using this function which is supported by Java.
  5. Stores
    • Having an Store is the best way to help dedicated sellers to maximize their online business. Sellers with an Store get powerful and easy-to-use tools that enable them to develop their own brand and encourage buyers to buy more.
  6. Best Offers
    • Best Offer is an option available for Buy it now items that allows seller to make an offer to buy the item at a price that buyer select. The seller can accept, decline or counteroffer the buyer's Best Offer.
  7. Wanted ads like eBay
    • The wanted ads section gives the opportunity for buyers to list out the items that they are in need of. Seller can search the wanted ads in WantitNow and respond to potential buyers the same way through WanitNow. This is to the buyers advantage by saving time and effort.
  8. My Status
    • User can set their status message throughout the site by using the above section. Updated messages will be posted beside the username.
  9. Popular Search
    • This information provides the seller about the items that are in demand and can buy items in advance and gives the seller a definite edge. The seller can obtain this information through My Account.
  10. Second chance
    • If a winning bidder does not pay for the item after a particular auction is closed, then the seller have the option of re-opening the bid. However it is incumbent upon the seller, to work with the original bidder first.
  11. Feedback System
    • Our feedback system enables users to enter comments about their dealings with other users. Feedback is for Auction or Instant Purchase transactions only.
  12. Favorite Sellers
    • The favorite sellers section would allows the buyers(s) to add sellers in their favorite seller list. It is in the best interest of the buyer(s) to keep track of favorite sellers items.
  13. Feedback Chart
    • Feedback chart expose the quantity of feedbacks for the particular user in the shape of charts, which exhibits the opinions of other users on particular user.
  14. Page Statistics Overview and Chart
    • Page Statistics is an option provided in admin panel which shows the statistics of users visit on particular pages. A Graphics presentation is available as well.
  15. Admin User Privileges
    • Admin access will be provided by super admin in admin panel. Conversely, the Super Admin will control the operation of the other admin users.
  16. Complete Fee System
    • Admin can control the Fee structure used through out the site using Admin panel.
  17. View recent activities in user account
    • Users recent activities will be displayed in the My Account section.
  18. SEO friendly keywords & description
    • The SEO search engine works in conjunction with posting keywords and descriptions of items for sale
  19. Buy Now Auctions
    • Buy it now is a special feature, which can be added by the seller of a listing. Seller will able to specify a price with the option of selling the item immediately. The buyer can purchase the item immediately and not have to wait for an auction to be completed. However, the buyer can also opt for the normal bidding process.
  20. SEO friendly listings
    • The SEO search engine works in conjunction with the listings page that locates items for sale.
  21. Vacation setting for stores
    • The user can set up vacation for stores.
  22. SiteMap
    • SiteMap provides information to the users about every page available in the site.
  23. Advanced Search
    • The Advanced Search Site provides the user(s) to search for accurate information.
  24. Page Meta data Managemet by Admin
    • Admin can control the meta tags used through out the site.
  25. Site Theme Control from Admin Panel
    • The themes used through out the site can be controlled by Admin.
  26. Home Page Customization
    • Admin can customize the home page and header of the site using this option. Admin can control the background color of the site.
  27. Classified Ads
    • Sellers can post Classified Ads using sell page. The classified ads will have longer listing duration. Buyer can contact seller with their response or message.
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